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Kim Calcagno

c and k2small 2Christopher Martin and Kim Calcagno are not native Rhode Islanders, but have fallen for the provincial quirkiness that is the Ocean State. Christopher is co-founder, editor and publisher of www.Quahog.org, a website that chronicles all the wonderful history, culture, customs and, of course, cuisine, that make Rhode Island Rhode Island. He is also a columnist for edibleRhody Magazine, focusing on the historical aspects of local eats. Kim is an avid cook and intrepid foodie. She has worked as a biologist and environmental educator for nearly twenty years, teaching people about the inextricable connection between humans and the land. She also has a keen interest and experience in keeping food traditions alive from maple sugaring and indigenous foodways to wild edibles and sustainable agriculture. Christopher and Kim enjoy exploring and supporting local food traditions and eateries. To that end, they run a Rhode Island dining group that features a new restaurant destination each month.